Hunger, with the sunset
When Mr. T & I lived in Fremont, we occasionally visited Persimmon up the hill from the center of the universe. Sometime in the last year, Persimmon closed and Hunger is now in its place.

I ordered a manchego burger and Mr. T ordered boar sliders, but what we were most impressed by was the cocktail program. I can’t recall the name of Mr. T’s beverage (should have photographed the menu!) but mine was the Tangier: harissa vodka & Chateau de Monet. Our bartender was tops. We will return.
New Fremont Restaurant: Hunger

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2 Responses to Hunger, in Fremont

  1. Maya says:

    OMG, now I’m drooling with all these food posts. I still think Seattle has the best food. People there have managed to take the best things from around the world and make great food using them. YUM

  2. Rachel says:

    Every time I go to tally what I’d miss about Seattle, the sheer availability and diversity of food is at the very top!

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