Anxiety Monkey
Before heading to a party Saturday night, I decided to test out my new SB-600 flash in our living room, after dark, with the lights turned off. I was shocked that this seems like mid-day — or better, as this room is always shady. I got it a month ago from Mr. T for my birthday, but like any good Taurus, I proceed with caution on all new gadgets.

The party: good to see friends. Didn’t bust out the D80, though.

Anxiety Monkey: a dear friend gave this to me during a life-changing breakup, after a conversation where we joked I needed an anxiety-soothing pet monkey. Now, the anxiety is in the past, but Anxiety Monkey lives in the under-watered tree in the living room. Must fix the water issue.

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2 Responses to Anxiety Monkey – Flash Test Subject

  1. Christy says:

    I have the same flash and I love it. Great choice! Not sure if you’ve looked at diffusers at all or have any interest, but I also use a Sto-fen Omni Bounce Diffuser — which softens the light when you need it.

  2. […] Remember this guy? At Christmastime, the same friend sent this little birdie in her Christmas Card. She’s moved right in and made herself at home. […]

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